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The Couples session

The couples massage can be a wonderful way for a new couple to connect or for an experienced couple to find their fire again. Whatever your relationship or emotional needs, sensual couples massage is a great way to experience your partner in a joyful and erotic way. Technique is much less important than intent with this kind of massage.

This session is individually tailored for couples who wish to deepen their relationship with each other. This is a very intimate session and we will discuss prior to the actual day of the appointment as to what the couple wish to experience.

Option 1: The one hour session can consist of each of you taking it in turns to be massaged and aroused by myself and the other partner. Each massage can conclude with either the Lingam or Yoni massage respectively.

Option 2: The couple lie and experience myself massaging them both using various techniques including my entire body as in the Body to Body session to arouse them both, the session can also conclude with the Yoni and Lingam massage.

If you have specific requirements or objectives then you can decide what form the session should take.

Cost :

1 Hour Couples session £200
1.5 Hr Couples session £300