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What is Tantra?

Tantra is an inner experience. Contrary to whatever you've heard before, you don't need the right cushions or candels to have a Tantric experience. You don't even need a partner! All you need is yourself and your entire presence (both physical and mental).

Tantra is a set of practices that teaches you how to manipulate your sexual energy in order to reach higher states of consciousness.

For men the pinnacle of this practice is to enable them to have an orgasm without ejaculating, and therefore not loosing their vital energy which allows them to make love indefinitely with greater and greater intensity.

For women the aim of Tantra is to learn to control and move their sexual energy thus creating an intense all over body orgasm and ultimately to become Multi Orgasmic.

Tantric massage is a relaxing, sensual massage that gives you the opportunity to re-connect with your sexual energy. At the end of the session, by performing the Lingham massage, you are in a position to learn how to control better and enjoy the erotic waves of your sexual energy in the same time. Your increased awareness puts you in control as to when you want to climax.

One of the highest aims in Tantra is to learn how to control ejaculation and eventually to be able to reach orgasm without ejaculating seamen.

A Tantric massage leaves you re-balanced with your energy levels restored. The mental and physical state of the body will stay with you for the rest of the day, and even longer... a positive body memory is never forgotten.